Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: Not your Mother's

Last weekend I went to my local Walmart and saw some Not Your Mother's haircare products.  My daughter, Katie wanted to try.  I saw some sample/trial size packs for $1.47 so we got a couple.

I have to admit I was kinda excited to try this product,  and I 've tried lots of hair deep conditioning treatments. ..mostly been let down.   Maybe I need to lower my expectations lol.

The product felt great on, I used the whole thing because I have long hair and it needs some TLC!

After I was done I noticed the "weird" smell in my hair, but not a terrible smell, I just cant figure it out. I didnt worry about the smell....back to the hair felt very silky and smooth.  So far I was impressed.  I allowed my hair to air dry, even though the smell was sending my curiosity up....looked online, nothing to tell me what the smell was,  only a "bad review".

Our humidity levels have been up a little,  but my hair had puffed up and was very frizzy.   Like my teenage daughter say "frizy hair, dont care"...w I actually don't think she says this, but something else. ..hehe 😆.  I didn't think my hair was in any better health or at least didn't look better.   It was soft and managable.

Not sure I would try again, looks like I am still on my quest to find a miracle hair fix!

As always, thanks for reading my blog!