Thursday, July 17, 2014

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: My pet hates.....

Watson just loves his people and wants to be around us all the time.  One thing he hates is if we are touching him when he is sleeping.   It can be a foot that touches him while he is taking up almost half of our king size bed, or it could be your elbow brushes up on him when he is sprawled all over the couch - little things like that.   If he is really tired, he doesn't want to be bothered and will let you know.   He has the little growl he lets out, its hard not to laugh, but he means business!

Demon is another story, he is getting old and had a couple lumps, but he still acts young.   He doesn't like if you go to grab at him.   He is a husky, and always has clumps of hair falling out, so I go t grab one and he gets all crazy and jumps around.  He drives me crazy with his clumps of hair, but that is part of owning a husky......lots and lots of hair.