Thursday, March 16, 2017

Review: 30 Minutes home workouts

30 Minutes home workouts
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HAVE YOU HAD THE SAME EXPERIENCE AS ME? You feel heavy, unfit, lethargic. You join your local gym. You go after work, just like everyone else. It's SO busy you're stepping over people. 45 minute sessions take 1.5 hours + travel time. Frustrated, you quit still paying your subscriptions 7 months later! Want to get fit & healthy in your time on your terms? CONSTANT TENSION RESISTANCE BAND SET BY CORE FITNESS ZONELose weight, improve fitness and increase energy levels with your Store in a Drawer gym. CHECK OUT THE BENEFITS: EASILY create personalized workouts with a FREE Ebook. Remember why you quit the gym? Now you can exercise when it suits you. NO monthly gym subscriptions NO travel time and NO stepping over people! Your Store in a Drawer gym is simple to use and quick to put away. And don't let let business travel or vacations get in the way - throw them in the case and take them with you. Want your whole body to feel strong? Resistance Bands work all the major muscle groups but also engage the stabilizing muscles, helping to lose weight faster. As you improve just increase the weight by combining 2 or more bands. An example of balanced workout working all the major muscle groups would be - 2 x Leg exercises eg squats, lunges - 2 x Push exercises eg chest press, shoulder press - 2 x Pull exercises eg low row, lat pull-downFor a full body workout, each Resistance Band set comprises: 5 bands, 43" long, made from 100% natural latex. - Yellow (2-4lbs) - Blue (4-6lbs) - Green (10-12lbs) - Black (15-20lbs) - Red (25-30lbs) 2 foam cushioned handles 1 door anchor 1 large ankle cuff 2 small foot cuffs 1 nylon carry bag Ebook with 42 exercises & workout guide Don't forget our No Questions Lifetime GuaranteeAllen, Core Fitness Zone
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