Thursday, October 30, 2014

Art work for my home

I have been slowly updating different rooms in our house, it's only taken me a couple years :)

On of the things I love is nice art work on the walls - It seems like everywhere I go, I have to glance at the art work or I have grand ideas of DIY projects I could make at home.   Thanks to pinterest, I am pretty sure I could biuld anything out of a pallet - but I dont have any time!  So while looking through all of these things, I can still look around my house and nothing has gotten done!

This drives my husband and daughter crazy - so I went online and started looking at some art work for our walls.

I have a particular wall in mind - right when you walk into our house there is a wall above the stairs that is plain and needs something to spruce it up.

I went to and holly cow do they have everything!   They even have options for frames and mats - now to decide what I want.

Currently, I took a break from my browsing to write this, but I have 17 items in my cart!  I am serious, its because as soon as your looking through one category another one catches your eye.