Saturday, July 26, 2014

Travel food - Charleston SC

Here are some pictures from my travel to Charleston, SC

Day 1 (Dinner) at Edmond's Oast
Review:  Great beer selection.  They had 48 taps and lots of great beers from all over.   I had a gypsy beer, which was my first exposure to a gypsy beer maker.  The server was great and gave me a small history lesson in Gypsy Beer - which was a great added bonus.  Gypsy Beer makers go all over the world and make their beer in someone else Brick and Mortar building - so that establishment gets to serve./sell his beer and he moves on to the next place.

Day 2 (Lunch) Chick-fil-A
I have never eaten at a chick-fil-a, so I was excited to try something new...  I guess you really need to go into the restaurant to experience everything.   It wasn't bad, but I could do without - I
am not an addict 

Day 2 (Dinner) Crab Shack (not Joe's Crab Shack)
This place was pretty cool, lots of surf decor and lots of seafood.   I tried the crab soup, which I was told was a Carolina thing... it was good.   The dinner was fabulous, so good!   The place was empty so we received great service - although I wonder why no one else was eating there??

Day 3 (Dinner) The Mellow Mushroom (cool name, Funky joint)
This was great pizza, but expect to wait for a table.   We got there around 8pm and there was a 30 min wait.  Also I heard they have a "kids" night, so if you dont want to be surrounded by kids call first.  
I had the Funky-Q-Chicken - very good crust and taste

Day 4 (Lunch) Carolina Creole Lunch Truck
This is a food truck that makes very good creole food.   Since I dont like spicy foods I stayed away from most items on their menu...but I did get a ham and roast beef po-boy.  I wish I knew they put mustard on it - that was my mistake, so I cannot fault the cooks.