Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Monthly Beauty Box Subscriptions

Some of you may be similar to me and wonder how all these beauty bloggers have "Beauty Boxes" where they get a bunch of make-up, nail polish, lotions, and other misc beauty product samples and full size products.  

Most of the beauty bloggers have a video where they "Open the Box" or "Box Unveiling" 

I asked myself - are they getting these for free or do they pay for these?

So that is where my google search came in to play......

Here is some info I found:

For $10 a month you receive 4-5 beauty samples in a bright pink box. Sometimes, the box will contain a full size makeup item, which makes the overall value of the box higher. They also have a point system: you earn 10 points ($1) for every product sample you review. You can spend those points on any products in the Birchbox shop. It’s a great way to discover new beauty products, and then buy the ones you like at a discount!


$10 a month you'll be amazed at how many full sized makeup products they send to you, and each box always has a cute makeup bag! 

My Glam

Sample Society
$15 a month, this is a beauty subscription box that is partnered with Allure magazine. Their samples are typically deluxe size, and from high-end brands. 

Beauty Bar

Julep Maven 
$19.99 a month, this is a nail polish subscription box, but they have been including their beauty product as well. Each month you can pick which box you want (or skip a month). They also offer exclusive discounts and sales to their Julep Maven members.