Monday, June 30, 2014

Sinful color review

I received a FREE sample from +Influenster and @SinfulColors_NP of their wonderful nail polish.  

I was excited to try this new polish, as I have gotten out of the habit of painting my nails.   When I was younger, I would paint my nails different color and different designs.   I remember some of my friends asking me to paint cute little bugs and flowers on their nails.   Well the times have changed and now we have so many nail products in the stores, sometime it can be know what I mean?

This is a product worth trying.   Most large box stores carry this, along with corner pharmacy stores.   The normal retail price is $1.99 and there are multiple colors to choose from.   I did notice some stores have more colors than others, so if your looking for a particular color, try another one of your favorite stores.

The SinfulColors Professional Nail Polish has good coverage, the picture above shows one coat.  (Yes, those are my real nails!) So if you're in a rush or dont have the patience like me to wait for multiple coats of paint to dry, you could get away with just one coat.   I always recommend two coats with all nail polishes and if you have time you should apply a top coat.   This way your keep your mani longer and your nails always look good.

This last picture shows my nails on day 5 after application.   As you can see there is some chipping and the polish is starting to peal back next to the cuticles.   But again, for only one coat and $1.99 this product really holds up.   I am sure I washed dishes and cleaned as normal within these 5 days.   I also work on a computer all day, so typing can cause some chipping.   

Overall this product received a A+ Rating from me.

I received this product for free for testing purposes from influenster.

If you're interested in getting free products to test at home, please contact me.   I have invites for Influenster.   It costs you nothing, except time to try the products and write a review.

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