Friday, June 13, 2014

Different Levels of the Sample World – Intermediate Level

Different Levels of the Sample WorldIntermediate Level

Different Levels of the Sample World (aka How to get FREE Stuff)
Okay, so you’ve liked a few of the websites I gave you before and you’re following them on Facebook, but you’re not getting anything FREE yet – most samples take 6-8 weeks to arrive so, while it may seem like you’ve done quite a bit and your mailbox is not overflowing yet.   You may say, yeah, thanks for nothing” Wendy!   J
Continue to click on the links and visit the websites for coupons and samples – they will come.   It feels like Christmas day when you open up your mailbox and it’s stuffed full of freebies, you will get so excited, you will start talking about it and want to go to the next level.   You might see Instagram photos of Full Size products and boxes full of products to test – and HEY, you want that too!    This next level will require more work than the previous step.   In order to get full size products, you will need to establish accounts with a few different companies, which will also require multiple surveys or form that you will need to fill out – you will also be asked to review the products after you’ve tried it (if you want to keep getting more).   You will start to increase your status or level with these companies, which in turn will get you more products and samples.  

P&G Brand
L’Oreal USA
Sample Sqaud
Sample Showcase
Sample Source
Crowd Tap

I will try to link all of my referral links within my blog so I can get credit for referring you!  Hey, I am trying to increase my status and levels too!  

Not sure what the next level topic will be, I guess the next level is starting a blog – which I just did.  If I can do it, so can you!  And I’ve been reading about getting paid for your blogs – and what is better than FREE – Getting Paid *make it rain*