Friday, June 13, 2014


Different Levels of the Sample World (Beginner)

Different Levels of the Sample World (aka How to get FREE Stuff)
If you’re a beginner or wanting to move onto the next level of the Sampling World – here is my version and different ways I have achieved my different levels.   Please note that you do have to ACTUALLY do some stuff to get the coupons, samples and free products that I talk about below.   Unfortunately there are not companies out there that will just pick your name and address out of the phone book and send you stuff – I know, I know!  Get over it J
You may have read other blogs or websites on “HOW TO” get free coupons, samples and products, and they may tell you something different – that’s OK, this is how I did it.  I’ve been doing this for a little over 2 years.  I got started by watching the “Extreme Coupon” show on TLC.   I, like many people didn’t know what to do or where to start, so I used my trusty google search and entered “how to get free coupons” – WOW!  The results where a little overwhelming, sign up here, enter your name here, click here, print this…….So I did what most people would do, and I clicked and downloaded and started printing.  BOOM – let the savings begin – right?! Not really….
I stopped getting the daily newspaper for various different reasons, and I was not able to jump into a dumpster and get coupons – umm gross!  So I was content with printing out a bunch of coupons to save $$ off items I wasn’t sure if I really needed or not, but hey, I had a coupon!   After a while, I started throwing away more printed coupons then I used, so was I really saving money – paper and printer ink is not cheap (I’ll give you a website later on where to get cheap ink).   So I wanted a way where I could have HIGH value coupons and not have to print as many.  That is when I read reviews from people on how to get coupons from companies of products I actually used and wanted.    Almost every company has their own website, so go to their website, find the “Contact Us” link and politely ask for coupons.   I like to throw in some compliments and let them know why I like their products, and it seems to work.   Sometimes the companies will send me small samples along with the coupons.   In Montana, I have not found a store that will double coupons, and the manufacture will always send higher value coupons – I’m talking a couple bucks off – not a 50 cents.   So give it a try – think of one product that you use every day (Toothpaste, Face wash) GO to their website and write them a note – see what happens J 
Congratulations!!  You are now a BEGINNER
Here are some websites that I recommend as a beginner, most of these I still use today.   These will be your CORE websites for information on new samples and coupons available.   Most have a Facebook, so you can Friend/Follow to get updates in your news feed – you’re on Facebook all day anyways – might as well let it work for you to get alerts of samples!
At you can find the best freebies offered on the web. To find the best store deals also follow our Coupon & Deals Facebook Page: You will find several samples and enter to win links
Free Samples, Free Stuff, And Freebies
With the websites listed above, they provide links for the coupon, sample or Drawing – most smart phone and computers have an auto-fill option – use it!  It will save you a ton of time, so you don’t have to enter your name and address several times.   Also, if you have multiple people living in your house and they have a different email, you can sign up for multiple samples of the same product.
Let me know how it goes!  Good Luck and watch your mailbox get full of samples and free stuff!
Next, I will talk about Intermediate Level – Stay tuned